We, the men of South Africa, declare:

On Human Rights:

That no man has the right to violate the rights of others, be it in the name of culture, religion or any other form of discrimination. We discourage practices that seek to undermine the rights of women, children, people living with disability and; the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender & intersex

  • We observe the right of all to live in a respectful and disciplined manner.
  • We have to strive to be a man that leaves a legacy and not a vacancy.
  • We have the right to exercise our rights with the limitation of not infringing other people’s rights.

On Gender Equality:

That we will support all gender equality related programmes in order to advance gender mainstream.

  • We will not view gender equality as a threat to our role, we will embrace it as a tool in advancing the aspirations of our nation.
  • We will educate ourselves on the constitution and laws which regulate gender roles.
  • We will continuously seek to find progressive balance between our cultural practices and the laws of the country
  • We will actively denounce all forms of discrimination and practices that promote the abuse and oppression of women and men
  • We will advocate for and educate other men about gender equality.

On Protection of Rights of Children:

That we shall protect children’s rights; advocate and promote equal access for the growth and development of a child.

  • A man must always care and love a child.
  • We will always participate in projects that promote the rights of children.
  • We shall see that the handicapped and disabled children receive special care.
  • We will expand our care to needy children
  • We will enforce parental accountability amongst men and boys
  • We will love and protect the rights of our children and to teach them to respect the rights of others
  • We will participate in the holistic development of our children irrespective of gender
  • We will protect children from cultural practices that infringe their rights
  • We will induce respect and not fear in our children.

On Peace and Security:

That as men we will prioritise the safety of our families, communities and country, through negotiation and not violence.

  • We acknowledge that peace is first a state of mind and we declare that we shall continuously propagate it in our family, society and country.
  • We shall promote peace by always working with all law enforcement agencies
  • We will not participate in, nor promote any activity that disturbs peace and security
  • We will advocate for mediation and restorative justice to achieve conflict resolution
  • We shall value national security as a core and backbone of social economic development.

On Social Inclusion and Participation:

That we shall work and participate in the socio, economic and political development of the country with women as equal partners, so that together we achieve social-economic transformation.

On the South African Brand and Nationhood:

That we shall protect the integrity of the country by discouraging all forms of malice including corruption, hate crimes, violence, racism, tribalism and all forms of prejudice.

  • We condemn any corrupt activity, anywhere in the country
  • We will exercise our responsibility to eradicate violence by distinguishing the difference between discipline and punishment
  • We will not be misled by people or organisations that are propagating harmful ideologies and practices that are harmful to individuals and society.

On Social Justice:

That equal treatment of an unequal society is unjust.

  • We shall be cognisant of protecting social justice for all
  • People should be treated equally and fairly
  • To transparently invest in equality.

On Sports:

  • We will use sport for Nation Building and when we play, we will play to win
  • We will commit to oppose any form of discrimination in all sporting codes
  • To compete fairly in all sporting codes and shall promote equal and fair treatment.